Who are the Cosmo lot and where did they come from

We frequently pose ourselves this inquiry. We should respond to it. Back in 2006 – when a prohibition on betting showed up in Ukraine – all land-based club went into the shadows – and were trusting that their time will get back in the future.

In 2015, the law on the public lottery was refreshed and it became conceivable to decrease the game to gambling machines in an irregular arrangement of numbers by changing their perception! Subsequently, what we have is correct, a simple of Lotto Tomfoolery or the widely adored lottery with a drum and balls.

Right away, little lobbies, the Public Lottery, the Brilliant Cup, gambling machines from the MSL supplier were opened. Every one of them appear to be little contrasted with how Spacemolot beat everything.

History of entering the Ukrainian market

Spacemolot is an establishment (for the people who don’t have the foggiest idea – an establishment is a potential chance to open a similar gaming machines under a similar sign, burning through some measure of cash, and paying a level of the returns consistently). When the proprietors of old land-based club learned about this open door starting around 2005, they took out their sacks of cash and begun opening gaming machines at such a speed that even mushrooms don’t develop that way after downpour. In one structure there could depend on three indistinguishable Spaceships, with a similar programming – however the proprietors were various individuals. Toward the finish of 2019, as per media reports, in Ukraine there were around 89,000 focuses with gaming machines in all urban areas of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa and others.

Shutting gaming machines Kosmolot

Boycott Cosmo lot 2020In early December, Ukraine endorsed a regulation on betting in four and five star lodgings and started to prepare for new financial backers from Turkey and the US. The law expressed that it would be important to purchase a betting permit with a yearly installment, there are various choices, however on normal from 5,000,000 hryvnias and the sky is the limit from there. On December 20, 2019, Leader of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky straightforwardly expressed that he no longer expects to endure underground gambling machines.

For the following 7 days they were shut all around the country without any opportunity of presence. Neighborhood specialists seized all gear, including PCs from which it was feasible to play gambling machines. Gear for clerks, cards, electronic terminals. The proprietors of such foundations were taken being scrutinized. After the examination, it worked out that 80% of the foundations were fakes and worked without a permit, had an indistinguishable appearance.

Kosmolot – the principal authorized web-based club in Ukraine

Because of the conclusion of land-based gaming focuses, Kosmolot zeroed in just on web-based gambling machines. Since there is compelling reason need to battle criminals, specialists, and numerous different variables that follow while working with individuals. On the authority site of Kosmolot, you can play your #1 demo games without recharging your gaming account (this wasn’t possible in land-based gambling clubs) and, in the event that you like it, renew your record involving a card of any bank in Ukraine. You can peruse more in the survey Kosmolot.

Then, we will attempt to respond to the most widely recognized questions that you have and uncover them exhaustively.

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